all online mba program

all online mba program

The MBA or Master of Business Administration is a certificate that aims to give the student the ability to understand the basics of business management with the exception of the technical aspect. The study usually involves the study of a set of basic materials and the selection of some optional materials. Core materials cover tools needed by a manager in any business sector. Optional materials cover specific details of a business sector (processes, marketing, strategic planning, finance, human resources, small industries). The basic materials most often cover the following:

Statistical Study and Applications in Management: A manager needs to collect, handle, analyse and present results to others. [1] [2] [3] Statistics is one of the primary means of collecting and analysing information. This science is exposed to things like the type of information, how to get it, different methods of analysing information, how to view the results, how to know the factors influencing a particular variable.

Study marketing principles: how to think about product development or the development of a new product, how to determine the price of the product, how to determine the means of distribution of the product and the use of media or not, how to propaganda of the product.

Accounting Principles Study: Principles for recording accounting books for all activities, how financial statements are prepared, understands the impact of certain decisions on financial statements.

Study the principles of financing and corporate valuation: how to determine the value of a company or the value of its shares, the use of financial ratios, ways of financing companies, the relationship between the company’s management and investors

Study the principles of corporate organization: how to determine the appropriate organizational structure, defects and features of different organizational structures, centralization and decentralization, motivation of workers, leadership, evaluation of the company’s performance

Human Resources Principles Study: How to Select New Staff, How to Evaluate Staff, Identify and Meet Training Needs, Deal with Staff Differences, while Reviewing Legal Matters Relevant to Each Topic

Process Management Principles Study: How to define equipment planning in a factory, procurement management, inventory management, project planning, general objectives of operations and their determination. Operations are all processes that transform or help convert primary material into a product or service – in another way are all but marketing, human resources and finance

What is the importance of MBA?

The MBA helps develop the school’s management skills and knowledge so that it can serve as a manager, analyst, administrative or financial consultant. We often need an engineer to run a factory and a doctor to run a hospital and a professor to run a university and a teacher to run a school, and we find it easy to find someone who is experienced in their profession but knows little about marketing, finances, regulatory aspects, how to make decisions and how to plan for the enterprise or the sector they run. The MBA makes this person capable of managing in addition to his prior ability to understand the technical aspects of the institution he runs. This study enables the student to analyze the institutions’ performance, identify weaknesses and propose solutions. He may therefore serve as an analyst, management or financial consultant. Of course some graduates work as financial managers, marketing managers, production managers or purchases and so on.

Pros and cons of MBA

Many part-time MBA programs schedule courses throughout the year.

Progress in job grades and upgrade within the company.

Increase experience and relationships with business management professionals.

Having a lot of development in one’s own personality and self.

Realizing a person’s desire to join certain specific sectors.

The employee’s pay is increased by his career promotion.

Taking this grade puts the person’s foot on the first path to project management.

This type of master presents his owner to a high cost during the study.

His time may be tight and this is one of his negatives.

Increase competition about the person in this area.

A person may suffer a little after getting this degree for jobs.

What are the terms of application and the duration of the study?


The duration of study is often two school years for full-time students and some universities have a one-year program. The terms of application vary from one university to another but often include a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and no specialty is required, work experience for 3 years or more. The TOEFL GMAT test may also require the submission of an article or articles explaining the purpose of the study and future plans, the submission of letters of recommendation from former professors and work managers as well as the application for admission.

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