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What are termits and what are the harms they cause?


The termits insect, the vicious scourge of buildings, is still awaiting a comprehensive and sophisticated confrontation with the participation of various specialists, and not only the Ministry of Agriculture, as was customary in previous decades and years, to be joined by the Ministry of Housing and its Housing and Construction Research Centre, especially as experts confirm that it is a primarily a scourge of buildings.

According to Dr. Hassan Shahid, Professor of Building Materials Technology at the Housing and Construction Research Centre, “insects are very dangerous to buildings and real estate wealth in Egypt, feeding mainly on cellulose in timber and all the original plant contents of the building, so they can penetrate concrete and electricity wires, and therefore construction professionals must also be involved in confrontation.”

The termites insect in the buildings caused significant damage to many of the governorates that were officially deemed to be stricken. According to Shahid, a large part of the villages were destroyed, for example in Kom Ambo in Aswan governorate, and houses were demolished over the heads of their owners, as was the village of Adisat in Luxor governorate.

Breaks through concrete and power wires.. It feeds on timber, furnishings, clothing and paper.. Combating it requires a special code and government coordination between the Ministries of Agriculture and Housing. And periodic committees to confront him in Kibali and Maritime.

All this prompted the State to move in an attempt to counter the phenomenon. The Council of Ministers issued a decision late last year to oblige local authorities in 15 governorates to prohibit the construction of any new buildings without obtaining a decision from the control agencies of agriculture within the governorate in which the new buildings are located, stating that preventive measures relating to the control of termites are taken. The governorates covered by this resolution include: “Matrouh, Eastern, Ismailia, Port Said, New Valley, North Sinai, South Sinai, Red Sea, Fayoum, Minya, Assiut, Sohag, Qena, Luxor and Aswan.”

However, researchers specializing in termites indicate that the presence of this insect is also recorded in outposts outside the governorates covered by the previous resolution, where Dr. Ayman Bassiouni, Professor of Termites and Timber Creators of the Research Department of Timber and Termites of the Plant Proteنction Institute, says that “termites are also found in the governorate

However, researchers specializing in termites indicate that the presence of this insect is also recorded in outposts outside the governorates covered by the previous decision. Dr. Ayman Bassiouni, Professor of Termites and Timber Creators, Department of Timber and Termite Breeders Research at the Plant Protection Institute, says: “Termites are also found in provinces or areas where there are no termite disasters and no economic losses; other than the 15 governorates in which permits from agriculture are required prior to construction “.

These include, as “Bassiouni” adds: “Areas in Cairo and Giza, such as New Egypt and Nasr City, Maadi, Engineers, Pyramid, where we treated many villas with termites, It is also abundant in Alexandria, Smouha, and may be located in other regions. especially the type on the ground found in furniture pieces, where timber in this case comes infected, especially from coastal areas “, he said.

The risk posed by the insect to the buildings outweighs its impact on the cultivation, as “Bassiouni” asserts that”the impact of termites on the cultivation is very limited and uneconomical. The limits of its economic impact can be said to be the acquisition of cellulose-containing houses, brick-built houses, tea and yield stores, and does not have an economic impact on the cultivation”.

The termite professor explains why, saying: “All termites, which are found in Egypt, are three species” under the ground “, two species” above the ground “, all feed mainly on dry wood and any other sources containing cellulose, such as papers, important documents stored and archaeological documents, and always avoid cultivated bite plants. (wet) is severely affected by plant juice, although it attacks the dry image of these plants such as grains, stored dates and tours “.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, “there is no comprehensive national study to assess the losses resulting from termites”, As the Professor of Termites points out, “Only there are some studies that have estimated losses in termite-infested areas, But they are limited study areas and are estimated to be an inaccurate and unexplained relative estimate of actual losses. In particular, the insect has no economic damage to Egypt’s strategic

The termite professor interprets the Ministry of Agriculture’s confrontation as follows: “The Ministry of Agriculture is authorized to combat any scourge with economic damage. specialized professors and researchers in this field, It is also mandated to provide pesticides and chemicals used in control and not other ministries Although the Ministry of Housing and Urban Areas is mandated to report only infected places, As any citizen of his home with this scourge “, he explains here that effective control now is” chemical control because chemicals are the only substances that have the ability to reach some infested soil levels, And because of the difficulty of reaching the origins of the termite colony under the soil, where it deepens to a boundary that may reach tens of meters, So we’re working to protect the place that’s vulnerable and packing it with pesticides. In the case of new facilities, the soil under the facility is treated with pesticides, However, some studies have been conducted at the research level only on the control of certain microbial substances such as fungi, bacteria and some nurses as nematodes, but not feasible at the applied level “, he said.

But engineer Ashraf Ibrahim, agricultural engineer, timber consultant and termite control, who has worked for many years in the field of wood and tested pest-free Kattarakt Aswan Hotel was secured from termites. In turn, it affirms that “the response to this dangerous insect should be integrated among the pest control specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture, Specifically in the termite research department of the Plant Protection Institute, construction and construction specialists, Representatives of the Housing and Construction Research Centre of the Ministry of Housing, also considering termites as the scourge of buildings ” Ibrahim notes that “coordination between agriculture and housing” was among the recommendations of a”scientific conference” on termites organized in 2006, and be through a joint committee of experts of the two ministries state-of-the-art protection systems and technologies for addressing termites in the developed world, Among them, America has reduced its housing losses due to termites from billions to millions.

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