What is plumbing, what are plumber tools, and who is a plumber?


Plumber is a plumber who works in the plumbing profession. This profession depends on the installation of a water pipeline system in buildings, with the aim of distributing drinking water, heating and sanitation. Plumber repairs pipes and plumbing equipment. Plumbing is one of the basic occupations in communities, given the importance of people’s access to clean water and proper disposal of contaminated water.

Materials used in pipe industry

Straight parts of pipes called pipes are made from plumbing, so that they are thick-walled, molded or welded, or made from extrusion, and when they are thin-walled, they require special techniques to connect them, such as: welding with copper. Pipes that supply and transport water are also manufactured from several essential materials, including:


Steel tubes are used to supply and distribute drinking water, but they are rarely used in modern homes, sometimes difficult for plumbers to handle; Because of their heavy weight, these pipes are used in hotels and commercial complexes, are durable and resistant to conditions that lead to other kinds of pipes being broken, and steel pipes are fairly high in price.


Copper pipes were spread in the second half of the last century, but were kept away from them, converting to plastic pipes due to the high price of copper material.


Plastic pipes are highly used in water supply, for household and sanitation purposes.

Plumber Tools

The plumber’s work relies on a number of basic tools, namely:

Hardened screwdriver: is a cross-shaped or signal + screwdriver, used by the plumber to tighten and unscrew the screws.

Regular screwdriver: It is used to tighten and unscrew the screws.

Raven Key: This plumber uses the key to unwind and connect pipes in tight spaces, it is also used to install cylindrical cutting shape during unwinding and installation of pipes.

French key: It is used to loosen and install hexagonal or square shaped bolts.

Beness: Known as Zarodiya, the plumber uses it to cut the wire and fold it, grabbing the cylindrical parts of the high diameter.

Canyon Benise: It is used to grab the parts that must be controlled during the installation and jaw.

Benise jazz: used for unwinding and binding copper leather, as well as unwinding siphon

Definition of plumbing

Plumbing is a concept used in many Latin American countries to label work that consists of the installation, maintenance and repair of pipes (also known as pipes). Through these tubes, wastewater (which carries urine and faeces from the bathrooms) can be discharged and the population can be provided with drinking water (fit for human consumption without endangering health).

In other countries, the idea of plumbing is equivalent to the idea of plumbing. Similarly, a plumbing worker can be referred to as a plumber or plumber. All these concepts have a derivative explanation: while plumbing comes from lead (due to materials used in welding pipes or pipes), plumbing comes from Fontana (source).

The first pipes originated in the Roman Empire, when water channels that transport water to mansions and sewers were developed to discharge waste. It was not until the end of the nineteenth century that plumbing as we know it began to develop using tubes made of iron.

Lead to welding pipes is no longer used in most parts of the world, where pipe corrosion pollutes drinking water. This is why the seams are starting to be with steel and tin, among other options. In order to reduce costs, other materials also started to be used to make pipes, such as PVC and copper.

Today, plumbing is necessary to install pipes at home, repair broken pipes, explore taps and repair bathroom equipment, for example.

A plumbing course, which can be done remotely (thanks to the tools provided by the Internet) or in person, can open many doors at the workplace level, since there are always defects in repair and most people do not have the knowledge to deal with them.

Depending on the Institute, here are some of the most important points to address in the plumbing cycle:

* Leaks: when the tube loses water due to corrosion or shock, for example;

* Material and fusion: It is not enough to have good ideas to fix the tube, but it is necessary to know the most suitable products for each case and the best way to use them;

* Plans and installations: plumber must deal with the terms and concepts of construction to a certain level, so that it can read a plan and isolate its root problem unclear to the naked eye;

* Sewage: m

Who is a plumber

An expert involved in the commissioning considered a line, systems, health systems and their components – advising a plumber description. The competent person should know the solutions of the system of instrument lines to know well the methods of installation and sanitary tools, from different incarnations of different devices and fasteners installation.

Apply for a job job, and if the applicant is a secondary job. Agree to add or exclude a plumber that can only head the partnership. Same employee required

Often, it may be a plumber of the garages of welding machines. In this case, the report should be specialized on a special license to use. It is expected to bring in a military version. All these ads function plumber description. The Horn of Africa must also give its consent to the execution of the works. Study should be c.

The schedule of working hours for plumber is not one. Everything depends on the timeline, which is the partnership plan. At the same time a specialist can also participate in the preparation of their work schedule. Holiday lock gives 6 months after start work; It will be exactly 28 days. Get the next time off, only after 11 months.

My Birthday

That is to provide some plumber public action. from households. In the event of any renewal of the offence.

Responsibilities of plumber numbers 4

Job description plumber numbers 4 describes the following professional responsibilities:

Dismantling, assembly, other types of restoration work health units, other systems, as well as water facilities and sewage systems.

Gathering and batteries iron dogruppirovanie and radiators.

Different composite types of blocks, toilets, building kits, etc.

On the occasion of the day, please indicate that the right opportunity to install some birds.

Secure various devices and components using special working equipment.

On numbers liability and rights of plumber 4

Job description: plumber, after fourth grade, first what about the rights of the members of the profession under consideration? Specialist right to:

The subordinate’s distribution of all types of tasks and missions;

Subordinate control functions.

We require all documents and regulations;

The chairpersons were acquainted with the plans as they relate to work as a specialist.

Provide requirements for linkage activities to improve the effectiveness of the work plumber;

Your project in your project about all problems and violations.

plumber content at the next level. Operations to this, the reports specialist is responsible 

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